Studio Acoustics

Creating a sound that translates, a sound that can be trusted, is the highest priority for any music professional.

Time is money, and being able to confidently make decisions about what you are hearing is the key to producing consistent quality.

Know that your work won’t simply fall apart as soon as you take it out of your studio.

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Patrik Carrera/MUUI [Paranoid Dancer/Crossfrontier Audio/micoCastle]

“I’m really impressed with how effective Jesco’s approach is. The confidence with which he moves through his treatment procedure shows just how much experience he has wielding sound. I finally feel I can really trust what comes out of my speakers.”

Ruede Hagelstein [Upon You/Watergate]

“What struck me most about Jesco’s work is how deep it’s based on his listening ability. Apart from finally fixing my bass issues (!!), the sonic image he created for me has proven first class as a working tool.”

Alexander Kowalski [Damage Music Berlin/Kanzleramt Music]

“Jesco’s skill hits a sweet spot between engineering, creative work and listening experience. He helped me to create a room I really enjoy staying and working in. And that stereo image! You need to hear it to believe it.”

Cord/Robosonic [Defected/Get Physical/Yoshitoshi]

“I absolutely love the vibe of my new room. I used to rely on headphones a lot, because the reverb in here was making my life really difficult. Now the room still feels airy and open, but I’ve got that sense of control at my sweetspot that I’d been craving for so long.”

Monolink [3000 Grad/Underyourskin]

“I didn’t realize just how detailed a sonic image can be until I heard Jesco’s work for the first time. Truly remarkable, highly recommended.”
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